image flo fauvelle 09bf0Florence FAUVELLE, Researcher within the “Functional neuroimaging and cerebral perfusion” team, Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences (GIN), University Grenoble Alpes (UGA)/Inserm U 1216


At the Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences, the “Functional Neuroimaging and Cerebral Perfusion” team is developing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and in vivo NMR spectroscopy methods, with an application component to neuronal pathologies.

Within this team, my research mainly focuses on the study of cerebral metabolism, and the search for biomarkers, mainly in epilepsy and Parkinson's disease (PD). I collaborate with teams who develop animal models of these pathologies, or with doctors. It is in fact the strength of the institute to bring together both scientists and clinicians (neurologists and/or neurosurgeons), close to the Michallon hospital, CHU Grenoble Alpes, and the neurology center. This proximity facilitates cross-sectional studies and clinical research.

It is in this context that 6 years ago we initiated a large translational study of the different phases of Parkinson's disease, with Sabrina Boulet, from the “Pathophysiology of motivation” team at the GIN. This study involved 3 animal models of PD and 2 cohorts of newly diagnosed patients.

We contacted the RMN team at the IBS in Grenoble in order to have access to the veryPD 01eeds high fields, with the aim of maximizing sensitivity and spectral resolution during NMR analysis of very small blood volumes, for longitudinal studies in animals. We also wanted to detect metabolites of the dopamine metabolic pathway, metabolites which are very poorly concentrated and difficult to detect.


This study led to the discovery of a blood biomarker for the early phases of the disease, which is currently being patented. Regarding the mechanistic aspect of the project, we showed the involvement of a key enzyme in pyruvate metabolism. We are now trying to deregulate another enzyme of this metabolism, which could also be involved in the metabolic disturbances observed.




Learn more: DOI: 10.1172 / JCI146400

Platform used: RMN, IBS, Grenoble