Use of Infranalytics platforms

In order to be able to use the platforms of the Infranalytics network, new users must create an account.
Authenticated users can submit their scientific project proposals in theIntranet from the website clicking on " Submit a project ".

The project leader is always the website user submitting the proposal.
The project can be saved as a draft before being submitted. Drafts are accessible to managers of the selected platform.
Following the first registration of the project and following its submission, the project manager and the platform managers receive an e-mail notification including a permanent and secure web link, allowing the project to be followed through all its stages.

Project monitoring

the page "Projects" displays the list of all the projects that the user can see or edit according to his level of access. If he has several, he can switch between his different roles using the drop-down list at the top left of the “Intranet” block ”.

By default, the most recent events are displayed first.

The detailed project page can be displayed by clicking on "View" on the left.

1 - The project must first be approved by a local official of the establishment where the proposal was submitted.

2 - The proposal must be endorsed by one of the scientific experts who have been selected to review the proposal.

3 - The project is definitively accepted when it has the status “Granted by the reviewers”.

4 - Accepted projects can:

  • be shared with other platforms,

  • be associated with visitors other than the project manager,

  • be visited,

  • be the subject of measurement campaigns.

The complete operation of the monitoring/project management interfaces is detailed in the documentation accessible from the intranet.