Scientific news

Anne Lesage, from the CRMN in Lyon, receives the prestigious Günther Laukien prize, along with Lyndon Emsley (EPFL)

movements of aromatic side chains in amyloid fibers
Are amyloid fibers very stiff or do they "breathe"? Teams from the Bordeaux and Grenoble sites used isotopic labeling and NMR of solids to show that the core of amyloid fibers is very rigid over long time scales. In contrast, surface hydrophobic side chains flip over a wide range of time scales.

The methodological developments carried out by Andrew Pell's team at the Infranalytics NMR center in Lyon make it possible to push paramagnetic NMR further, particularly for the study of sodium-ion battery components.

Portrait Antoine Locket
Antoine Loquet, scientific manager of the Bordeaux site, received the Ampère Prize (May 2021) for his research on the study of protein assemblies by nuclear magnetic resonance in the solid state.

Invitation to kick-off meeting
The Infranalytics launch meeting brought together around 120 people, at the Cordeliers center at Sorbonne University and remotely.

The characterization of the structure of guanine tautomers in the gas phase carried out by FT-ICR on the Orsay mass spectrometry platform in collaboration with the University of Cordoba in Argentina provides a better understanding of the recognition mechanisms between the different bases. DNA and RNA.