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2024 -- MSAP
Parmentier Laurens, D'Haese Sophie, Duquesne Jessie, Bray Fabrice, Van der Meeren Louis, Skirtach Andre G., Rolando Christian, Dmitriev Ruslan I., Van Vlierberghe Sandra
2D fibrillar osteoid niche mimicry through inclusion of visco-elastic and topographical cues in gelatin-based networks
254 127619
must: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2023.127619
2023 -- MSAP
Bray Fabrice, Flament Stéphanie, Abrams Grégory, Bonjean Dominique, Rolando Christian, Tokarski Caroline, Auguste Patrick
Extinct species identification from late middle Pleistocene and earlier Upper Pleistocene bone fragments and tools not recognizable from their osteomorphological study by an enhanced proteomics protocol
Archaeometry #1
65 196-2122023/02/01
must: 10.1111/arcm.12800
2023 -- MSAP
Mound Abdallah, Goormachtigh Gautier, Bray Fabrice, Flament Stéphanie, Rolando Christian, Ruez Richard, Martin Nathalie, Decourcelle Amélie, Dehennaut Vanessa, Saliou Jean-Michel, Chamaillard Mathias, Abbadie Corinne
The NLRP6 protein is very faintly expressed in several normal and cancerous epithelial cells and may be confused with an unrelated protein
18 e02790282023/01/20
must: 10.1371 / journal.pone.0279028
2023 -- MSAP
Nogueira Silva Lima MT, Howsam M, Delayre-Orthez C, Jacolot P, Jaisson S, Criquet J, Billamboz M, Ghinet A, Fradin C, Boulanger E, Bray F, Flament S, Rolando C, Gillery P, Niquet-Léridon C , Tessier FJ
Glycated bovine serum albumin for use in feeding trials with animal models – In vitro methodology and characterization of a glycated substrate for modifying feed pellets
428 136815
must: 10.1016 / j.foodchem.2023.136815
2023 Collaboration CEMHTI
Artigues L., Deschamps M., Salles F., Chaudoy V., Lapinte V., Monconduit L.
Towards N-rich solid polymer electrolytes for Li-ion batteries?
Materials Advances #22
4 5740-5752
must: 10.1039/D3MA00494E
2023 Collaboration CBMN-IECB
Saryeddine Lilian, Hadnutt Josh, Grélard Axelle, Morvan Estelle, Alies Bruno, Buré Corinne, Bestel Isabelle, Badarau Eduard
Design of light-responsive amphiphilic self-assemblies: A novel application of the photosensitive diazirine moiety
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science #

must: 10.1016 / j.jcis.2023.09.195
2023 Collaboration MSAP
Isabelle Fabrizi, Stéphanie Flament, Claire Delhon, Lionel Gourichon, Manon Vuillien, Tarek Oueslati, Patrick Auguste, Christian Rolando, Fabrice Bray
Low-invasive sampling method for taxonomic for the identification of archaeological and paleontological bones by proteomics of their collagens
bioRxiv #
must: 10.1101/2023.10.18.562897
2023 Collaboration IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Bellan Ekaterina, Maleki Farahnaz, Jakoobi Martin, Fau Pierre, Fajerwerg Katia, Lagarde Delphine, Balocchi Andrea, Lecante Pierre, Trébosc Julien, Xu Yijue, Gan Zhehong, Pautrot-d'Alençon Lauriane, Le Mercier Thierry, Nagashima Hiroki, Pacchioni Gianfranco, Lafon Olivier, Coppel Yannick, Kahn Myrtil L.
Ultra-High-Field 67Zn and 33S NMR Studies Coupled with DFT Calculations Reveal the Structure of ZnS Nanoplatelets Prepared by an Organometallic Approach
The Journal of Physical Chemistry #36
127 17809-17819
must: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.3c02754
2023 Collaboration IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Bouhoute Y., Grekov D., Merle N., Szeto KC, Larabi C., Rosal I. Del, Maron L., Delevoye L., Gauvin RM, Taoufik M.
On the use of 17O NMR for understanding molecular and silica-grafted tungsten oxo siloxide complexes
Dalton Transactions #28
52 9573-9581
must: 10.1039/D3DT01593A
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Sfeir Amanda, Teles Camila A., Ciotonea Carmen, Reddy GN Manjunatha, Marinova Maya, Dhainaut Jérémy, Löfberg Axel, Dacquin Jean-Philippe, Royer Sébastien, Laassiri Said
Enhancing ammonia catalytic production over spatially confined cobalt molybdenum nitride nanoparticles in SBA-15
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental #
325 122319
must: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2022.122319
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Bayzou Racha, Trébosc Julien, Landry Annie-Kim, Nuernberg Rafael B., Cras Brigitte Pecquenard-Le, Cras Frédéric Le, Pourpoint Frédérique, Lafon Olivier
Identification of phosphorus sites in amorphous LiPON thin film by observing internuclear proximities
Journal of Magnetic Resonance #
354 107530
must: 10.1016/j.jmr.2023.107530
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Landry Annie-Kim, Bayzou Racha, Benayad Anass, Trébosc Julien, Pourpoint Frédérique, Lafon Olivier, Cras Frédéric Le, Le Cras Brigitte Pecquenard, Nuernberg Rafael B.
Unveiling the Origins of High Ionic Conductivity in Lithium Phosphorus Oxynitride Amorphous Electrolytes
Chemistry of Materials #21
35 9313-9324
must: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.3c02099
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Andriotou Despoina, Henry Natacha, Duval Sylvain, Volkringer Christophe, Shepard William E., Pourpoint Frédérique, Loiseau Thierry
Isolation of a Dodecanuclear Polyoxo Cluster {Nb12O21} Showing a Rare Case of Five-fold Coordinated Niobium(V) Centers with a Square Pyramidal Geometry
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry #30
26 e202300432
must: 10.1002/ejic.202300432
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Geppi Marco, Delevoye Laurent
Preface, first Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance
Pure and Applied Chemistry #10
95 1027-1030
must: 10.1515/pac-2023-2009
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Krishna Anurag, Škorjanc Viktor, Dankl Mathias, Hieulle Jeremy, Phirke Himanshu, Singh Ajay, Alharbi Essa A., Zhang Hong, Eickemeyer Felix, Zakeeruddin Shaik M., Reddy GN Manjunatha, Redinger Alex, Rothlisberger Ursula, Grätzel Michael, Hagfeldt Anders
Mitigating the Heterointerface Driven Instability in Perovskite Photovoltaics
ACS Energy Letters #8
8 3604-3613
must: 10.1021/acsenergylett.3c01029
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Fu Ping, Quintero Michael A., Vasileiadou Eugenia S., Raval Parth, Welton Claire, Kepenekian Mikaël, Volonakis George, Even Jacky, Liu Yukun, Malliakas Christos, Yang Yi, Laing Craig, Dravid Vinayak P., Reddy GN Manjunatha, Li Can, Sargent Edward H., Kanatzidis Mercouri G.
Chemical Behavior and Local Structure of the Ruddlesden–Popper and Dion–Jacobson Alloyed Pb/Sn Bromide 2D Perovskites
Journal of the American Chemical Society #29
145 15997-16014
must: 10.1021/jacs.3c03997
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Du Zhifang, Luong Hoang Mai, Sabury Sina, Therdkatanyuphong Pattarawadee, Chae Sangmin, Welton Claire, Jones Austin L., Zhang Junxiang, Peng Zhengxing, Zhu Ziyue, Nanayakkara Sadisha, Coropceanu Veaceslav, Choi Dylan G., Xiao Steven, Yi Ahra, Kim Hyo Jung, Bredas Jean-Luc, Ade Harald, Reddy GN Manjunatha, Marder Seth R., Reynolds John R., Nguyen Thuc-Quyen
Additive-free molecular acceptor organic solar cells processed from a biorenewable solvent approaching 15% efficiency
Materials Horizons #

must: 10.1039/D3MH01133J
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Mondelli Pierluigi, Kaienburg Pascal, Silvestri Francesco, Scatena Rebecca, Welton Claire, Grandjean Martine, Lemaur Vincent, Solano Eduardo, Nyman Mathias, Horton Peter N., Coles Simon J., Barrena Esther, Riede Moritz, Radaelli Paolo, Beljonne David, Reddy GN Manjunatha, Morse Graham
Understanding the role of non-fullerene acceptor crystallinity in the charge transport properties and performance of organic solar cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry #30
11 16263-16278
must: 10.1039/D3TA03284A
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Azmy Ali, Zhao Xue, Angeli Giasemi K., Welton Claire, Raval Parth, Wojtas Lukasz, Zibouche Nourdine, Manjunatha Reddy GN, Trikalitis Pantelis N., Cai Jianfeng, Spanopoulos Ioannis
One-Year Water-Stable and Porous Bi(III) Halide Semiconductor with Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Performance
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces #36
15 42717-42729
must: 10.1021 / acsami.3c06394
2023 Internal IMEC-ISB-UCCS
GM Rankin Andrew, Pourpoint Frédérique, Duong Nghia Tuan, Delevoye Laurent, Amoureux Jean-Paul, Lafon Olivier
Reedijk Jan, Poeppelmeier Kenneth R.
9.19 - Advances in the characterization of inorganic solids using NMR correlation experiments
Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry III (Third Edition) #