Loïc Salmon, researcher at the Very High Fields Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center in Lyon (CRMN) is the winner of the ERC's additional "Proof of concept" grant for the Virus Inhibition by siRNA Optimized by NMR, Vision project. This additional funding is intended to enable him to develop an application track for exploratory results obtained as part of his ERC PARAMIR grant on the study of microRNA dynamics using paramagnetic NMR. Link to the CNRS online article: https://www.cnrs.fr/index.php/fr/cnrsinfo/erc-proof-concept-les-quatre-laureats-francais-heberges-au-cnrs

A second ERC finances hyperpolarized NMR by DNP by dissolution at the Very High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center in Lyon (CRMN). The new project (ERC CoG HypFlow) by Sami Jannin aims to obtain a inexhaustible and pure (unpolluted and undiluted) hyperpolarization into DNP by dissolution. This will allow this technique to become compatible with the requirements of a wider range of NMR experiments, thus making the extreme gains in sensitivity (10000X) that it allows accessible to a greater number of applications. in research laboratories and industries. Link to the CNRS online article: https://www.rhone-auvergne.cnrs.fr/fr/cnrsinfo/bourses-europeennes-consolidator-et-advanced-grant-2021-trois-laureats-lyonnais