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Antoine Loquet, scientific manager of the Bordeaux site, CNRS research director at the CBMN laboratory (Institute of Chemistry and Biology of Membranes and Nano-objects, UMR5248) deputy director of the IECB (European Institute of Chemistry and Biology) received the AMPERE "Young Investigators" prize at the 17th EUROMAR.
This award was given in recognition of his achievements in the field of the study of protein assemblies by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance.

Antoine Loquet's research group focuses on the development and application of new solid-state NMR technologies in the field of structural biology. In 2015, he obtained an ERC "young researchers" grant to study weak interactions in complex assemblies by solid-state NMR with a focus on amyloid fibrils. His group is working on solid state NMR approaches combining strategic labeling schemes to detect intermolecular distances and magic angle rapid rotation instrumentation. This approach allows to trace the atomic resolution structure of a functional amyloid assembly based on the distances 1H-1H. Functional amyloids involved in biofilms as well as pathological amyloids have also been studied using solid-state NMR methods, to provide crucial details on their architecture.