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9th School of Integrative Structural Biology
from June 17, 2022
to June 24, 2022

This school offers theoretical and applied training in the various approaches used in structural biology (X-ray diffraction and scattering, NMR, cryo-microscopy, sample preparation for structural studies, macromolecular interactions).
It will emphasize the integration of several of these methods to answer the major questions of functional biology at the atomic scale.

Targeted for an audience of PhD students or young researchers, this training will show the contributions and limits of each method and their complementarity. It will include theoretical sessions in the morning and practical work in groups in the afternoon.
This school is open to technicians and engineers (academic and industrial fields) within the framework of the continuing education.

The conferences will be given mainly in French. Presentation materials will be in English, in order to allow non-French-speaking participants to follow more easily. During the practical sessions (TP), English-speaking groups may be offered if necessary.

The number of places being limited (28), participants will be selected on the basis of a cover letter. The files will be examined and validated as they arrive. 

*Registrations will be closed when the number of accepted applications reaches the number of possible places. Don't wait to apply! 

3 sessions of "Posters" are planned in the evening program and will allow participants to present their research themes and work in progress and to have specific scientific exchanges.

Trainers and speakers

Guillaume Bouvignies (ENS, Paris), Jean Cavarelli (IGBMC, Strasbourg-Illkirch), Mirjam Czjzek (Roscoff), Bruno Kieffer (IGBMC, Strasbourg-Illkirch), Bruno Klaholz (IGBMC, Strasbourg-Illkirch), Olivier Lambert (CBMN, Bordeaux ), Amélie Leforestier (LPS, Orsay), Gordon Leonard (ESRF, Grenoble), Arnaud Poterszman (IGBMC, Strasbourg-Illkirch), Alain Roussel (Marseille), William Shepard (SOLEIL, GIF/Yvette), Christina Sizun (ICSN, GIF /Yvette), Jean-Christophe Taveau (CBMN, Bordeaux).

Administrative contacts

Marie-Christine Poterszman This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scientific Officer

Jean Cavarelli jean.cavarelli -"@"; jean.cavarelli -"@"-

LBM - ENS Paris
24 Rue Lhomond